Professional Photography Diploma (Still)
The one-year professional photography diploma is best suitable for aspirants who are serious about moving ahead in the photography field. This course enables students to work as professional photographers in reputable organizations or start their own ventures.
You will have a deep insight into the actual world of photography and will get practical sessions to help you get trained with multiple expert techniques. These techniques will diminish your challenges and enhance your skills to become a perfectionist in the related field.

Basic Photography Course (3 Months)



Are you the one who loves to capture breathtaking views within your surroundings but often ends up disappointed due to insufficient knowledge? If so, then this course is specifically designed for you. Our three months basic photography course makes you familiar with the more professional photography equipment.

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of photography, along with its history. So, if you are willing to take your passion for photography to a more profound stage, then do contact us to proceed ahead.

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