Advance Photography Diploma (6 Months)

The six months’ advance photography diploma offered by FFMA includes modules such as advanced photography techniques, basics of DSLR videography, studio techniques, editing, and much more. The course is all about educating you on the technical aspects of photography and introducing you to better practices.

The course will lead to minimizing challenges in clicking the best quality images by increasing your expertise. If you are looking forward to raising your potential to become a professional photographer, Fame Finders Academy assures you an in-depth understanding of the industry.

Professional Photography Diploma (Still+Video)

The one-year professional photography diploma offered by Fame Finders Academy is all about making you well-prepared to commence your journey in the photography world. The course includes in-depth and precise knowledge of all the aspects of still photography, such as composing and editing images.

Comprehensive training sessions regarding all the elements of videography are also being provided. The course pursuits to make you professionally prepared for the industry so that you can reach the height of success by rendering impressible works.

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