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Who we are
Incorporated in 2015, Fame Finders Media Academy has brought a massive range of photography professionals into the industry. Our wide range of courses are tailored to the requirements of applicants, be it polishing their skills, switching to the field, or looking to learn the basic rules of photography. We have the expert team and resources to provide what you admire.
We conduct training sessions and several workshops for over a decade. We offer a broad range of certificate and diploma courses for weekdays and weekends, including product, wedding, fashion, industrial, food, travel, environment, event, portraiture photography and more.
The reason behind us being one of the award-winning photography academies is our skilled faculty, who provide excellent training sessions and train students with the ideas of bringing charm to the still image.
What We Offer
Best learning environment
Learners require a safe and peaceful environment for better learning. We offer a supportive and friendly environment to ensure their academic success.
Our experts provide the best career counselling
Are you striving to decide which course to enroll in? Our expert career counselors are available to guide you on the best course by analyzing your capabilities and area of interest.
High-quality training
We train our students and cover all the elements of photography to raise their potential
Experts Team

Meet The Instructors

John Aston
Web Development Instructor
Erika Mina
Acting Instructor
Amy Rose
Photography Instructor
Adrian Cruz
Personality development Instructor